Current Classes at TU Darmstadt

  • Foundations of Cognitive Science (lecture and seminar)
  • Cognitive Science II: Cognition (lecture and seminar)
  • Advanced Module II: Higher Cognition (lecture and seminar)
  • Psychology Lab (practical course)
  • Cognitive Science Master Project (practical course)

Previous Classes at TU Darmstadt

  • Cognitive Science 1: Perception (lecture and seminar)
  • General Psychology 1: (lecture and seminar)
  • General Psychology 2: (lecture and seminar)

Previous classes at Uni Osnabrück, Uni Tübingen, and TU Berlin (selection)

  • Foundations of Cognitive Science (lecture)
  • Probabilistic Modeling of Perception and Cognition (lecture and tutorials)
  • Probability Theory with Statistical Applications (lecture and tutorials)
  • Human Categorization Behavior (seminar)
  • Applied Cognitive Science (seminar)
  • Word Meaning (seminar)
  • Quantum Models of Cognition (seminar)
  • Psychophysical Methods (practical course)