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Moving around and interacting with our environment as humans is a far more complex task than it might seem at first glance. At any given moment, a wide variety of information about ourselves, as well as other objects or people, must be perceived and processed. Since humans possess various sensory modalities and use them (sometimes complementarily) to form the most accurate picture of their environment, the integration of this information is necessary.

My research interest is in how we humans integrate different sensory modalities. My main focus is on proprioception, which is, among other things, the information we receive from our muscles and joints about our position in space. I would like to highlight the importance of proprioceptive feedback for healthy people within multisensory integration or movement control as well as Embodiment and try to model it.


  • 26th International Conference Series on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines:
    Maximilian, S., Streiling, K., Honekamp, C., Schneider, A., Exarchos, A., Henschke, S., Pirincoglu, S., Polat, M., Scholz, N., Stähler, C., Syring, E., van Dam, L., and Seyfarth, A. (2023) Walking on virtual surface patterns changes muscular activity
  • 3. 11th International Symposium on Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines 2023
    Stasica, M., Honekamp, C., Puttke, M., Fritsch, C., Frost, P., Konrad, J., Saßen, K., Schorer, F., Steffens, N., Seyfarth, A. (2023) Biomechanics in Arts of Dance: How an internal focus of attention influences a dancer’s biomechanics.


  • Kurzvortrag an dem 3. DGSP-Nachwuchssymposium in Tübingen, Deutschland (3. Preis)
    Gebhardt, K., Hebecker, A., Honekamp, C., Nolte, S., Krüger, B, Sommer, N., & Krüger, K. (2022). Einfluss des Trainingsstatus und einer akuten Ausdauerbelastung auf die respiratorische Kapazität von CD4+-T-Zellen.
    Gebhardt, K., Hebecker, A., Honekamp, C., Nolte, S., Krüger, B., Sommer, N., Krüger, K. (2022, September 29-Oktober 10). Einfluss des Trainingsstatus und einer akuten Ausdauerbelastung auf die respiratorische Kapazität von CD4+T-Zellen. DGSP Nachwuchssymposium, Tübingen, Hessen, Deutschland
  • 1st European Psychoneuroimmunology Network (EPN) Autumn School: Lung-Brain Axis in Health and Disease: Abstracts. (2022). Neuroimmunomodulation, 29 Suppl 2, 9–34. https://doi.org/10.1159/000526623:
    Gebhardt, K., Reichel, T., Honekamp, C., Nolte, S., Keck, J., Krüger, B., & Krüger, K. (2022). Different regulation of inflammation after a concentric and an eccentric running intervention.

SS 23

  • Psychologisches Experimentalpraktikum (03-03-1410-pp)
  • Cognitive Science Master Project I B (03-03-2410-pj)

WS 22/23

  • Topics in Cognitive Science – 03-03-1416-se (Topics in Multisensory Perception and Action)
  • Grundlagen der Cognitive Science – 03-03-1403-se (Einführung in Python)
since June 2022 PhD student (Technical University Darmstadt) am Institute for Psychology & Centre for Cognitive Science – Group Sensorimotor Control & Learning
2019-2022 M.Sc. Biomechanics, Motor Control/Learning, Motion Analysis (Justus-Liebig-University Giessen)
2015-2019 B.Sc. Physical Activity & Health (Justus-Liebig-University Giessen)